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Tuesday, 17 February 2015 15:45

The Lez Review: Karelia Stetz-Waters Is Back With "Something True", A Lesbian Romance Novel Right In Portland

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Something True Karelia Stetz Waters




The last time I told you about a Karelia Stetz-Waters book, we plunged into a rather morbid but very interesting atmosphere with her book «Dysphoria», which I recommend to all thriller fans. This time, 180° turn. Stetz-Waters has just released «Something True», a novel about a love story between two women.

Karelia stetz waters

When I saw that Karelia released a lesbian romance novel, it aroused my curiosity. I wanted to know if this book would be as good as her thrillers, if the story was going to be as exciting and keep me in suspense until the end, if the writing was going to be just as accurate. Only I had just finished the first chapter that all my questions were gone.«Something True» is a really good book.

Beyond the love story that develops between Tate, a lesbian who works at Out in Portland Coffee, and this mysterious woman she meets one evening she doesn't even know the name, and who, as one goes along, date by date, reveals a certain uneasiness that leaves many questions, whose answers are subtly issued, chapters after chapters, we have also a passion for the so endearing characters as Maggie and Krystal, who fights to keep Out open and bring a touch of humor and activism that I really appreciated.

I enjoyed this little trip to Portland, I enjoyed meeting the characters and if you want to do the same, «Something True» is available on Amazon:

«I write romance
because I believe love makes us better,
stronger people,
truer to who we really are,
and more open to the beauty of the universe.» - Karelia Stetz-Waters


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