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The Lez Review - "She Overheard Murder" And "Puzzled by the Clues" By Jean Sheldon

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   "She Overheard Murder" and "Puzzled by the Clues" are two books that make up the Nic & Nora Mystery series written by Jean Sheldon.

As we can devour a book, fascinated by the story and characters, Jean Sheldon is passionate about writing books of mysteries as she wrote, literally falling in love with the process.

“To my surprise, I fell in love with the process. The more I wrote, the more passionate I became, but the passion went beyond creating characters and stories. Writing helped me see the stories happening around me, in the environment and the faces of people I met. I never expected to experience such growth. That's an amazing gift,” she told me.

Both books, "She Overheard Murder" and "Puzzled by the Clues", follow the adventures of a group of detectives with Nic and Nora, both lesbians, who are faced with a mystery to solve.

In "She Overheard Murder", Nic is faced with the death of Caroline Park, the star of a radio show in post WWII Chicago. Nic has to replace Park and starts her own show but she feels that the murderer is not far away.

"Puzzled by the Clues" discussed this time suicide. But is it really a suicide? Nic gets caught up in a case that will even put her own life in danger.

Beyond simple stories of mysteries, both books also teach us a lot about the lives of lesbians and women 60 years ago. Jean Sheldon took care of all the details allowing us to make a quantum leap in time.

"She Overheard Murder," which was a finalist in the 2014 Lambda Literary Awards, and "Puzzled by the Clues" are available on Amazon: -

And for the amateurs of mystery stories, know that a third book is already in the works which should see the relationship between Nic and Nora growing.

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