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Monday, 03 March 2014 00:17

The Lez Review: 'Taking The Lead' By Michele Rivera

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Taking the lead


While dialogues, "Taking the Lead", written by Michele Rivera, is a book that explores the fact of not being afraid to be who you are, not being afraid of your attractions.

This book explores the discovery of sexuality and the first time in a lesbian life through the story of a teenager.

Michele Rivera began her career when she was still very young, with a passion for novels and poetry.

Michele Rivera

"Taking the Lead" is the response of Michele to a lack of resources for young lesbians. When she was 16 and she began to question her sexuality, she did not find references she needed. With "Taking the Lead", Michele decided to write these books she would like to read.

"When I was about sixteen years old I began to question my sexuality. I used to hang out in my local town library in the young adult section looking for books about two girls that fell in love with each other for some form of validation. I wanted to know that my romantic feelings for other girls was not abnormal. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything. When I turned thirty, I made a bucket list. One of the items on the list was to challenge myself as a writer- I decided I was going to write the fictional romance novel that wasn’t there for me when I was a teenager.

I was lucky enough to have had a positive coming out experience, and I thought it would be nice to let other queer folk know that:

  1. Being queer is completely normal

  2. Queer individuals deserve the lead role in books just as much as straight individuals

  3. Queers also deserve a happy ending and

  4. I want to show everyone that two girls falling in love is no different from the way a man and a woman fall in love; love is universal and it’s an experience we can all relate to."

"Taking the Lead" tells a moment in the life of a teenager, Micah, her best friend and also this girl. This is a story that reminds us of our own story or the story of a friend because this book is full of truths: the discovery of sexuality, the first love, the coming out.

It is also a very emotional book. From small joys to small misfortunes, everything is subtly transcribed by Michele.

"It was important for me as a writer to evoke an emotional response from the reader. I wanted the reader to laugh, feel angry, feel sad, feel concern, and even feel confused at times," she explains.

"Taking the Lead" is available on Amazon in Kindle format: "Taking the Lead" by Michele Rivera.

You can also follow her blog or learn more about Michele here:

Twitter: @michele27rivera

"I hope that anyone who reads this is able to take from it that being true to oneself can lead to a happy ending. If this books helps at least one person accept themselves or open themselves up to love or gives them hope and/or confidence when considering coming out with ANY secret, then the story did exactly what I wanted it to do." - Michele Rivera.

Photo credit: Michele Rivera


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