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Thursday, 19 June 2014 21:52

The Lez Review: "The Lost Women Of Lost Lake" By Ellen Hart

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The Lost Women of Lost Lake ellen hart


"The Lost Women of Lost Lake" is a detective story whose main characters are a group of lesbian friends who spend a few days together after many years. But we understand from the first pages of Ellen Hart's book that one of those women is hiding a terrible secret that could jeopardize her marriage.

Ellen Hart

Ellen Hart is a crime writer who has received numerous awards for her work. She was five-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award and was made especially official GLBT Literary Saint at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans in 2005.

"The Lost Women of Lost Lake" is part of a series entitled "The Jane Lawless Mysteries" which follows a detective, Jane Lawless, who visits a friend Tessa and her partner Jill, along with another friend Cordelia.

After they arrived, strange things happen. First of all, who is this man, this so-called journalist who search in the entire city a certain Judy Clark he describes himself as a cold-blooded killer? And the attitude of Tessa is unusual. She's hiding something, but what? Jane will attempt to discover the truth as quickly as possible in order to protect her friends.

Hart gradually reveals the secrets of the characters, thus keeping us captivated from the beginning to the end.

In addition, Hart describes with great precision and accuracy the characters and their relationship. The relationship of Tessa and Jill, for example, is beautifully illustrated.

Between Tessa's secret, Jane's investigation, the fun side of their friend Cordelia, you may be attracted by the book.

"The Lost Women of Lost Lake" published by Bywater Books and available from Amazon:

Photo credit: Ellen Hart


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