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Monday, 16 April 2018 23:46

The Lez Review: "Vetted" by K'Anne Meinel

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Vetted KAnne Meinel


A few weeks ago, we discovered K'Anna Meinel, the author of "Recombinant Love". This time, let's continue to discover this talented woman with a novel entitled "Vetted".

"Vetted" follows Alyssa who is the youngest in her family and who, unlike her older sister, still lives with her parents. Alyssa is twenty years old and her life isn't easy every day. Her parents would like her to work with her father and marry the "right" man. Alyssa has no job, she tries to raise the necessary funds to pay the bills while studying at university.

A tragic incident with a dog will take her to a veterinarian, Fiona, whom she will fall in love with.

"Vetted" is a book about two strong women. Alyssa has a rather miserable life and she still doesn't know what she is capable of. She doesn't allow herself to pursue her dreams because she lacks the support of her family. Fiona is an older, more established woman; a veterinarian working towards the goal of starting her own large animal practice. This friendship with Fiona, which then becomes a love story, will help each of these two women overcome their difficulties.

This book is very pleasant thanks to the quality of writing and the way Meinel tells the story. It's very interesting and inspiring to follow Alyssa. I also enjoy the way the couple helps each other to move towards a much richer and happier life.

"Vetted" is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Also, if you are passionate about literature, Meinel has launched the Lesfic Bard Awards. More information here if you are interested in awarding prizes and here for talented writers.


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