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Thursday, 21 March 2019 02:59

Pulp novel featuring the first lesbian detective to become a graphic novel

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work for a million lesbian detective 

Eve Zaremba’s novel “Work for a Million”, released in 1986, follows the adventures of lesbian detective Helen Keremos. Writer Amanda Deibert and artist Selena Goulding from Bedside Press will adapt the book in comics.

“Crime novels are a genre where LGBT representation is overall pretty low, nonexistent, or insulting,” publisher Hope Nicholson told The Hollywood Reporter. “To have a novel that doesn’t focus on a lesbian character’s tragedy, but showcases her strength, charisma, and smarts, is incredibly unusual, let alone to have a romance in it too!”

She continues: “This book, both in its original prose, and in this new graphic novel (both of which are part of the Kickstarter), is an important part of crime fiction history, LGBT history, feminist literature history, and Canadian literature history. And yet, even though it’s set decades in the past, the energy sparkling between our leads feels very fresh and exciting. This is the perfect gift for those who love pulp and crime comics, with a Bogart-esque tough PI lead who still has a soft spot for vulnerable people to protect.”

The story of the graphic novel is described as follows: “Witty, sly, and incredibly skilled at her job, Helen Keremos is tired of the busy Toronto life and just wants to truck back to Vancouver and peace. But before she goes, she’s hired for one last job, to protect the newly wealthy struggling songbird Sonia Deerfield, who’s been receiving death threats and attempts on her life. With predatory “friends” all around Sonia, it’s hard to tell who Helen can trust. As the danger increases around them, Helen and Sonia find themselves drawn to each other for more than just protection. Soon, Helen realizes that Sonia isn’t the only one with a target on her back, as the mysterious blackmailer turns their attention to her too..."

Bedside Press already helped the LGBTQ+ representation since they had adapted several novels of Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid's Tale, in the form of comics.

The adaptation of “Work for a Million” on the first lesbian detective advances well. A fundraising campaign was launched on Kickstarter to finish the production. If you would like to participate, here is the link:

The graphic novel will be available from January 2020.


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