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Thursday, 09 June 2011 22:36

ACLU Asked Gwinnett To Stop To Use Anti-Gay Filters

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Gwinnett, Georgia is blocking the access to gay websites in schools using internet filters.

Gwinnett recently began blocking school computers' access to websites that contain content about sexual orientation and gender identity, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia.

This follows the complaint of a Brookwood's student which suddenly did not have access anymore to the website on which she used to organize activities for the Gay-Straight Alliance club.

A letter was immediately sent by ACLU:

"If you continue to censor these websites, you could be subject to legal liability and the expense of litigation," wrote ACLU legal director Chara Jackson.

A spokeswoman of school system, Sloan Roach, said she will study this but added that the filter was installed according to the directives of the children internet protection law, a federal law who allow filters for schools in order to block offensive content.

However, it seems initially the filter was used to block access to pornographic sites but this one was recently modified in order to block more sites.

"I don't know the extent that there are categories or certain words that the filter picks up on," Roach said.

Jackson, the lawyer of ACLU, said the use of a filter to block the access to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender website "doesn't serve a legitimate purpose." She said the filter violates the first amendment and the Equal Access Act.

Do not hesitate to check, if you are student, if your school use such filters and report it to ACLU: Don't Filter Me


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