Wednesday, 24 November 2010 00:48

An Antigay iPhone Application Has Been Accepted by Apple

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Apple offers users a new iPhone application that asked to sign a statement against LGBT rights and gay marriage.

The application, as described by Apple as having "no objectionable content," asks people whether they agreed with four statements on abortion and gay marriage and apparently when you disagree, your answer is qualified as incorrect.

It also gives the possibility of signing a full statement in which you can read that same-sex relationships are immoral and that same-sex marriages are equivalent to incest.

“Apple, for their part, has given the app a rating of 4+. What does that means? According to their rating system, it means that the app contains ‘no objectionable material’. Say what?

“Because it sure seems like if you’re going to call same-sex relationships ‘immoral sexual partnerships’, or if you’re going to accuse gay people of ‘eroding marriage’,or if you say that gay people don’t deserve basic civil rights, that should at least fall into the category of ‘objectionable’,” said

A gay rights group is calling you to sign a petition asking Apple to remove the application.