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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 15:52

Atari To Launch The First LGBT Video Game

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Video game brand “Atari” will launch a game dedicated to the LGBT universe to be called "Pridefest".

"Pridefest will allow players to create and promote their own Gay Pride parades, completely custom, in the city of their choice," explains Atari which adds that the aim of the players will be "to decorate their own tank to keep joy and dynamism in their community by creating an original alive and vibrant visual show. "

There will be challenges and missions to access new parades and accessories. The game will be available for tablets and mobile devices.

"The support and participation of an iconic company like Atari to our conference and the defense of LGBT causes in the world of video games is a significant step in promoting equality in video games," said the founder of GaymerX Matt Conn, which aims to "promote diversity in the world of games."

So are you ready to launch your own Gay Pride?

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