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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 17:37

"Celebrate Similarities" campaign highlights women's diversity

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Maltesers queer


Commercials titled "Celebrate Similarities" were launched in the UK. Featuring a lesbian, these ads were created to showcase women.

In 2016, Maltesers already had an award-winning campaign called "Look on the Light Side" for people with disabilities.

This time, through the Mars-owned brand's campaign, menopausal women, black women and lesbians are represented with a lot of humor.

We can discover a queer woman who talks about dating with her friends, the problem isn't that she's lesbian and vegetarian but she's accountant.

Like in 2016, Maltesers has partnered with organizations (Stonewall and Age UK) to learn more. They also organized groups with women who inspired some of the stories told in the commercials.

Michele Oliver, Marketing VP, Mars Chocolate U.K., said in a statement: "The adverts recreate real-life situations faced by women from different groups in society who you don't often see or hear from. We're telling their stories to help combat perceived stereotypes and celebrate our similarities, whilst at the same time hopefully making people smile!

"If you had more women – more older women, more gay women and women of color – they would get it more intuitively. But we’re a long way off that, and as a consequence it’s important to recognize the gap and say, look, we don’t know. Creative directors can’t pretend to know the stories of these women, so they need to go and listen to them."

She explains: "It’s not just gender, it’s the intersectionality of it. We’re looking to tell stories of older women, women of color, gay women, single mothers. Not only are women not seen in advertising, but the roles they play and types of women we do see are very narrow."

The goal is to try to inspire the UK market to create diverse and inclusive communications.

"I can feel there’s a sea change happening in the industry… but I never think it’s happening fast enough," Oliver said. "In the UK we have a real opportunity for the rest of the world to watch us and be inspired by how we can lead the change."

Very nice initiative to want to push women forward through these commercials.


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