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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 21:21

Editor Of Lez Get Real Is A Straight Man

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paula brooke


We recently discovered the author of the blog "A Gay Girl In Damascus" 'Amina Arraf' was actually Tom MacMaster.

Today, we are discovering the editor and the creator of, a lesbian online magazine, used a fake identity.

'Paula Brooke' is actually a straight man.

Behind the name of 'Paula Brooke' hid actually Bill Graber, 58, a retired Ohio military man and construction worker.

The Washington post reports Brooks’s identity came under suspicion after news broke that a woman called Amina Arraf on the blog "A Gay Girl in Damascus" might not really be a Syrian lesbian.

Over the weekend, as journalists, bloggers and fans of Amina hunted for clues to the identity behind the blog, Brooks came under review as a possible suspect. Liz Henry, a Web producer at, questioned Brooks’s involvement with Amina, as Amina had started to write about the Syrian uprising on Lez Get Real before starting her own blog.

Trying to have an interview with 'Paula Brooke', journalists called her but first, Grabber claimed Paula was his daughter and said she was deaf so could not talk on phone. Finally, the next day, after several questions, Grabber told the truth revealing he was 'Paula Brooke'.

Why did he create a 100% lesbian website ? He said the site was 'done with the best of intentions' after the mistreatment of lesbian friends.

Why then didn't he create a personal blog in order to share his opinion or a gay-straight alliance website?

No, Mister Graber decided to create a lesbian website.

"I didn’t start this with my name because... I thought people wouldn’t take it seriously, me being a straight man," he said. (Really?)

As it was not enough, he even take a fake identity (his wife's name who didn't know about all this) and he claimed to be a lesbian.

Moreover, he used to cover gay marriage, prop. 8 when he his married and never fight for this, he also wrote on DADT when he served in the army during years.

This is so disrespectful for our community, for the people who used to read him !

On Lezbelib, we don't lie. We are using our real pictures, our real names. Some of us are writing under author's names but nobody is hidding her identity. We are all lesbian, bisexual or transgender people.

We are working hard juggling with other job(s) or studies to develop the website, to bring quality, to offer you a safe place where you will enjoy to come, meet, discuss and where you could be free to be who you are.

We are talking about our fights, about sexuality, gender and encourage you to live as you want, proud to be who you are.

This is what we are doing and this is what we will continue to do.


Lezbelib is the online magazine that helps LGBTQ+ women to stay updated with entertaining blogs and breaking news about LGBT rights.