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Thursday, 16 December 2010 02:42

Exploring Gender: LGBT Visibility in the Media

Written by  Cael

Ellen DeGeneres So sorry about how late this is everyone. Exams plus a computer with a bad hard drive can do that. I’m just glad I could borrow my mom’s computer so I could post this, and study for my Ancient Art final tomorrow. But my mind is still a little split, so this is gonna be a bit short because I’m distracted.

I want to talk about visibility of LGBT people in the media: the news, sports, television, movies, or literature. I want to start a discussion in the comments. Choose one LGBT person from the media and tell me why. I’ll start.

So this is a little cliché, but I’m choosing Ellen Degeneres. As a performer, she has been so important to the LGBT culture both in Hollywood and in the United States in general. Despite losing her show after coming out on her show and then in real life, she continued to build her fame, making her sexuality normal by including it in her performances and making fun of both herself and those around her. Making jokes which aren’t derogatory boosts acceptance through humor.


Since 2003, Ellen has had her own talk show which has gotten multiple awards. But she has never forgotten who she is, displaying openly her relationship with Portia de Rossi, and marrying the actress in 2008. She continues to use her show to try to breed acceptance and as a platform to discuss difficult topics such as the recent hash of LGBT teen suicides. Despite her fame, Ellen always keeps in mind who she is. She doesn’t hide, and she uses her fame to make sure there is an outlet to discuss important LGBT issues. Even my grandma watched her show. Ellen reaches a diverse audience and creates normalcy through her visibility to help the LGBT community.


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