Tuesday, 30 July 2013 22:51

#Gay, #Lesbian And #Bisexual Are Now Blocked On Tumblr's Mobile Application

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The new restrictions introduced by Tumblr block from now on the tags "gay", "lesbian" and "bisexual" on the mobile app. And so, any blog in keeping with these three terms are not visible any more in the search engine of Tumblr because it regards them as "adult" contents.

"The reason you see innocent tags like #gay being blocked on certain platforms is that they are still frequently returning adult content which our entire app was close to being banned for. The solution is more intelligent filtering which our team is working diligently on. We’ll get there soon. In the meantime, you can browse #lgbtq — which is moderated by our community editors — in all of Tumblr’s mobile apps. You can also see unfiltered search results on tumblr.com using your mobile web browser," said Tumblr.

Fortunately, these tags can still be searched on Tumblr website but it is revolting to know that the tags "gay", "lesbian" and "bisexual" are automatically regarded as pornographic particularly when the team of Tumblr spend hours to moderate tags as "lgbt" and also "rape" but does not hope to waste its time to moderate "gay", "lesbian" and "bisexual".