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Friday, 05 August 2011 23:19

LGBT Filters Of Gwinnett County Public Schools Consider That LGBT Websites Are Pornographic

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ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) continues its combat against the LGBT filters which prevents students from reaching LGBT websites from their schools.
Lately, the goal was to remove the LGBT filters in Gwinnett County Public Schools.

ACLU received a letter written by the Alliance Defense Fund "which calls the organization's stance on website fliters in Gwinnett County Public Schools to be a "scare tactic" disguised as good will" as reports SnellvillePatch.

In response to this letter, Joshua Block, staff attorney for the ACLU, said: "Anyone can understand the difference between pornography and websites like the It Gets Better Project or PFLAG, which provide critical information and support for LGBT students.

The websites identified by ADF should have been placed in Blue Coat’s categories for adult or mature content, which are designed to block all sexual content regardless of whether it is straight or LGBT.

"The fact that these websites have been inadvertently placed in the non-sexual 'LGBT' category only underscores the problems that can occur when a company tries to create a special category for issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity in the first place.

The ultimate solution to the problem is for schools to use viewpoint-neutral filtering software that does not select websites out for special treatment simply because they support LGBT people."

ACLU is still waiting to hear the Gwinnett County Public Schools district.


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