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Monday, 05 September 2016 23:51

Microsoft Launches The Coolest Series Of Emoji Enabling A Multitude Of Families And Couples Options

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During the month of August, Microsoft launched an update of its operating system Windows 10 and took the opportunity to present its new range of gay and bisexual emoji.

Microsoft has redesigned its entire range of emoji to offer a series of emoji "from the bottom-up with universality at its heart."

The team worked on families and couples to reflect today's society and its multiple colors.

"The Microsoft Design Language Team embarked on Project Emoji, redesigning the emoji set from scratch in under a year. From early sketches to creating a new scripting method, the team knew only emoji," explained Danielle McClune of Microfost in a blog.

"Illustrators, graphic designers, program managers, font technicians, production designers, and scripting gurus all worked with an impressive singular focus.

And you can read in the blog that "if you’re a single mother with three kids, you’ll be able to create that image. If your husband is dark-toned and you’re light-toned and your two kids are a blend of both, you can apply all of those modifiers to create your own personal family emoji, one that’s sincerely representative.

"It extends to the couple emoji, where you can join a woman, a heart, and a woman – both with unique skin tones – for a more inclusive emoji. Because they’re created dynamically, there are tens of thousands of permutations. And no other platform supports that today.

"It’s definitely one of the coolest features to come out of Project Emoji."

This range of Emoji is currently only available on Windows 10 ecosystem.

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