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Monday, 22 December 2014 03:20

New Design Introduction

Written by  Clarisse - CEO, Webmaster, ...

about us imageFirst of all, a big thank you for your patience. It's true that we had to close the site for a week instead of a day, as it was originally planned. To be honest, we suffered a hacking attempt in November (this doesn't only happen in Hollywood, LGBT content may also disturb).

Fortunately, no access to the data could not be done thanks to our anti-piracy procedure and therefore no damage was found, but when in doubt, we preferred to delete the entire website to rebuild everything clean, then import the data before running it, and that takes much longer as you can imagine.

So the new design! If you are a bit lost with our new design, here's a quick presentation of it.

First, you find the menu that you used to use. Always for the sake of ease of use, we have made no changes. In general, we have just improved the previous design to make it even more attractive and fun to use.

2015 menu

   Then you have access to the latest articles. It was noticed that sometimes the second article was not necessarily visible to you all, so we improved the availability of these articles so you don't miss anything. You have the last 9 articles spread over 3 pages. To move from one page to another, simply use your finger or navigation points.

2015 articles

Before, only a portion of the home page was updated every day and the rest once a week, we decided to give this home page a much more live aspect and therefore much more interesting.

So then you have the habit of seeing the popular articles and access video and audio content. You will find it on our new design, with a more media content, since you can listen to music directly from the site's home page.        (Yes, we're working on the live video. To be honest, it was expected but the videos are not available in the size we need. We have a possible alternative which takes much longer to build so we will work on setting this up next year).

2015 listen watch

Also, the most popular articles will be updated regularly throughout the week to tell you if there are articles that stand out and appeal to a lot of you.

2015 popular

Similarly, the lower 3 columns "Our Latest Victories", "The Most Fun" and "WTF" underwent a makeover and will be updated also throughout the week.

2015 victories

2015 fun wtf

Finally, the latest news are always there. The "block" is made at the present time of two pages, but there will be three thereafter. Same as the latest articles, to move from one page to another, simply use your finger or click on the navigation points.

2015 news

About the live aspect, where before they had only 2 blocks, "the latest articles" and "the latest news", that interested you the most, at least as a daily reader, now the articles will spread over the entire home page. So a win (the repeal of a marriage equality ban, for example) will become part of the block "Our Latest Victories."

Other improvements and innovations will emerge during the year 2015. We will keep you informed.

I can already tell you that a great work timing is expected to accelerate on the one hand, access to the site in general and also access to the site's pages, from a computer and especially from a smartphone. You are 35% to 40% to reach Lezbelib using a smartphone, and although I could see that it is faster than other news sites, it's not enough. We have the opportunity to improve things so we're not going to deny it!

I wish you in advance merry Christmas and Happy New year and I see you soon with improvements and more!


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