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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 00:26

No Data For Gay And Sex On Yahoo Clues

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And one more search engine discriminating the LGBTQ community! After Bing and Google Instant, here is Yahoo!

More and more search engines display discrimination with certain terms like "gay" or "lesbian".

Bing and Google Instant censor the words "lesbian" and "gay" because "certain terms related to pornography, violence, and hate speech are exclude," said Google.

Yahoo is a little different. It also discriminates in a sexist way.

According to ZDNet, the site actually allows search for terms "lesbian", "homosexual", "bisexual" and "transgender" but "there is still no data available for anyone searching for “gay”.

And I'm not even talking about the fact that it does not know either "masturbation" and "sex".


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