Monday, 30 December 2013 22:10

Parents Can Block 'Gay And Lesbian Lifestyle' Content With The New BT Internet Filter

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We have learned that Internet filters could blocked the access to LGBT content approximately 2 years ago with several cases, notably in American high schools. These filters are fought by the organization ACLU which does not hesitate to bring proceedings against high schools in the wrong. A new filter has just been launched on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in United Kingdom. Now BT provides an option in an Internet filter clearly developed to block the “gay and lesbian lifestyle ” content, it was the name of the option until they renamed it “sexual orientation” (what a change!). However, it is not a filter at professionals' disposal but at parents' disposal

The BBC investigation reveals "that the default option on the firm’s new filter of BT (one of the giant in communication) blocked a number of sex education and domestic violence victim support sites."

According to The Independent, as well as education and helpline sites falling victim to over-blocking by the new system, BT also lists sex education as a filter category, meaning that homeowners can actively prevent a wide range of sites that could provide “vital support” to young people from being accessed.

These blockings included not only the LGBT content but also any information on abortion, STIs and contraception.

“The Internet is a vital gateway for many young people, especially lesbian, gay and bisexual young people,” Ruth Hunt, Deputy Chief Executive of Stonewall told The Independent. “Anything that prevents them from accessing vital support poses a threat to their wellbeing. We hope organisations like BT will make every effort to ensure that everyone can access much needed information.”

BT said that it is not about "discrimination between heterosexual and LGBT content" but they want to give the possibility to parents of blocking sex education content.

"Some parents of very young children may wish to block sex education material. One of our optional filters does just that," a BT spokesperson told The Independent.

This filters are following a government's request on Internet services. The other leaders like Sky, Virgin or TalkTalk already launched or are about to launch filters to block content about drugs, online games, but also fashion and social networks and we can bet the other filters will block our content too.