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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 01:36

Shams Rad is Tunisia's first ever LGBT radio

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Shams Rad


LGBTQ rights association Shams launched Tunisia's first ever LGBT online radio station.

The programs are broadcast daily from breakfast time to midnight on political, economic and social topics while addressing LGBT rights.

The goal of Shams Rad is "to sensitize the people of Tunisia, ordinary citizens, and political decision-makers about homophobia in society and to defend individual liberties," said director general Bouhdid Belhadi.

"We are going to touch, through the subjects we treat, everyone living on Tunisian soil.

"Our editorial policy is to talk about rights and individual freedoms in general, but the focus will be on the LGBT community."

Shams Rad logo

In Tunisia, homosexuality is illegal. The Penal Code sentences same-sex relationships for up to three years' imprisonment. Activists who are the hosts of the radio station have all received threats.

This is a great initiative to raise awareness about LGBT issues through a radio show. Hoping that it can broadcast a long time.

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