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Friday, 13 October 2017 23:22

Russia manipulated LGBT people on Facebook during the US presidential election

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You have all heard about the intrusion of Russia into the US presidential elections. They targeted the Democrats and particularly Hillary Clinton. Well, Russia has come closer to LGBT people and other specific people like Muslims through pages and advertising campaigns on Facebook to manipulate them.

The scandal of Russia's intrusion into the US presidential elections has only begun. As we already know, the Russian government is involved in the piracy of emails from candidate Hillary Clinton. It would also appear that Russia has done everything it can to manipulate LGBT people.

The strategy unveiled shows that Russia has paid advertising campaigns targeting American LGBT voters. But not only!

They have set up a page called LGBT United that has received more than 5 million shares on its posts as reported by social media analyst Jonathan Albright.

This page served as a cover for a perverse manipulation by Russia.

Through posts on LGBT topics, it attracted people from the community. Then, the manipulation took place. They didn't try to insult or oppose Hillary Clinton, but rather to sow doubt in the minds of LGBT Americans that she might not be good to be President of the United States.

According to the Washington Post, other pages were discovered that targeted other US citizens.

The Russian government managed the pages Blacktivists, United Muslims of America, Being Patriotic, Heart of Texas and Secured Borders.

Facebook’s Vice President of Policy and Communications Elliot Schrage said: "Approximately 470 accounts and Pages we shut down recently were identified by our dedicated security team that manually investigates specific, organized threats. They found that this set of accounts and Pages were affiliated with one another — and were likely operated out of Russia."

This manipulation is repugnant. Not only is it opposed to democracy and has allowed Trump to be elected but it has negative consequences for all LGBTQ online magazines or blogs like Lezbelib.

The Russian government doesn't have to lead the world.


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