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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 15:59

The "Lesbian Emojis" Application Is Now Available Via iTunes

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We use more and more emojis but so far they had not enormously emojis for our community.

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In fact, let's say they were not emojis at all, except those representing two women or two men. Frustrated by this, advertising executive and graphic designer Kimberly Linn at Los Angeles ad agency Pitch, began to draw lesbian emojis and has posted them on her InstagramInstagram account. 10,000 followers later, the application "Lesbian Emojis" was launched.

“On one hand, you think there’s no need for them to be that inclusive –- they’re just emojis,” she told MarshableMarshable. “But at the same time, they’ve become a language. And my friends and I have never had anything that represented us.”

"The idea started as a joke between me and my friends," Linn told The Business InsiderThe Business Insider.

"I never really thought it was going to turn into anything. It had a small little following."

Already nearly 70 lesbian emojis have emerged but Linn doesn't want to stop there. She plans to draw emojis for gay men and turn the application Lesbian Emojis to LGBT Emojis.

Lesbian Emojis is available via iTunes here: 


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