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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 00:43

The Trevor Project Will Honour Lady Gaga And Google

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Lady Gaga will be honoured as Hero by The Trevor Project, US gay youth organization, as well as Google which will receive an award for promoting its gay employees within the company.

The ceremony will take place in Hollywood on December 4th.

It is for her fight against anti-gay bullying in schools that she will pursue through her Born This Way Foundation and the fact that she does not hesitate to speak about LGBT people in her interviews and in her songs that Lady Gaga will be honoured.


As for Google Inc, the equality between employees of the company was developed and it employed a lot of LGBTQ people. In 2010, Google voluntarily compensated gay and lesbian workers because the federal laws do not recognise gay and lesbian relationships so the couples have to pay more tax.

It also added a rainbow flag on the search engine for the results of gay terms search to celebrate Pride month.

David McFarland, Interim Executive Director and CEO of The Trevor Project, said: "Our young people are at the center of a health crisis, and vocal leaders like Lady Gaga and technology leaders like Google Inc have stepped up to help change our culture. Our honorees are working with The Trevor Project to make a better today and a brighter tomorrow for youth. We are proud to honor Lady Gaga with the Trevor Hero Award and Google Inc with the Trevor 2020 award for their work to help young people express their true selves with pride."

Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion and Talent & Outreach Programs at Google Inc., Yolanda Mangolini, said to be "honored and humbled to be recognized with the Trevor 2020 Award" applauding The Trevor Project for their commitment to providing services and creating safe spaces for LGBTQ youth in need.



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