Monday, 25 July 2011 16:08

2 Lesbians Opened A Fertility Center For Lesbians In UK

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In front of the difficulty that the process for lesbian represents to be pregnant, 2 lesbians decided to open a center of fertility for lesbians in U.K.

Natalie Drew and Ashling Philips know the problem for lesbians to get pregnant, they raise 2 children.

Drew explained in an interview with Têtue magazine that most of "private clinics say to offer services for women couples. But often, lesbians are treated as patients suffering of fertility problems and are directed towards FIV - whereas they need simply sperm. Moreover, their forms are not adapted: one of the partners is designated as a "man"."

As a result, in 2010, they have had the idea to open a center of fertility mainly for lesbians but also opened to straight women, British or not.

The center proposes a meeting between the donors and the women wishing to have a child. Each donor is of course voluntary and made tests HIV for example. The center is connected with two private clinics if the women want to do an insemination with a doctor.

But however, only the women who signed a civil union are accepted by the center (GayFamilyWeb).