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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 23:24

2013 French First Baby Has Two Mommies

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Sacha became a sort of symbol for the LGBTQ community in France. Born at 00:01 AM, Sacha is one of the first baby born in France in this new year and he has two mommies.

The marriage equality bill has been in the center of news for several months in France and will be voted on January 29th.

This bill will not allow insemination for lesbian couples and the question of an amendment to allow insemination is always not very sure because there are less and less legislators supporting it.


Maude and Delphine had resorted to an insemination but had to go to Belgium where insemination for women couples is possible. The result of this insemination is this beautiful family.


Now, the couple waits the law is approved because, currently, in France, only one of both mother is recognized and as the newspaper La Montagne wrote, Delphine, who didn't give birth to her child, "does not exist except on Maude's will".


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