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Friday, 13 September 2013 17:50

5 Anti-LGBT Bills To Be Introduced In Lithuanian Parliament

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The things go from bad to worse in Lithuania… Five anti-LGBT bills (yes, five!) have to be introduced to the Parliament in the year, probably in December.

A law will ask any organizer of public events for paying a fine (max. 1800€ / $2,390) if the event is a "public denigration of constitutional moral values".

Another law besides will also ask organizers for paying themself the crowd control and security.

A law will ban any gender reassignment which will prevent transgender people from following a therapy or undergoing surgery because the law will regard the reassignment "as very controversial" and will qualify gender as "determined genetically from the very moment of conception".

Then adoption by same-sex couples could be banned too.

Finally, one of the laws will legalize anti-gay hate speeches and crimes!
The bill reads: "The criticism of sexual or sexual practices, convictions or beliefs, or persuasion to change this behavior, practices, convictions or beliefs cannot per se be qualified as harassment, denigration, incitement to hatred, discrimination or incitement to discrimination."

There is unfortunately little chance that these bills are not voted even if the European Parliament already ordered the country to stop passing anti-gay laws.


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