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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 21:40

A Collective Ask Brigitte Barèges To Vote For Gay Marriage In France

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Recently in France, the UMP deputy and mayor, Brigitte Barèges, said some homophobe remarks. In answer to them, the collective for equal rights demonstrated during a music festival attended by Barèges and some posters 'Homophobia kills! Barèges is an accomplice' were put a little bit everywhere in the city.

Barèges said remarks more than shocking about French gays.
She wondered whether it would be necessary to authorize the marriage for animals if one authorized gay marriage.

The collective asked her to hold her role of representing the Republic which means equality for everyone and to vote on June 9th for the project of law allowing gay marriage in France.
On June 6th, the study of this bill in France started, do you think it will finally succeed or do you think once again it will fail?



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