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A Feminist Journalist Attended The Conference Of The Anti-LGBT Organization "Manif Pour Tous"

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Feminist journalist Camille Emmanuelle managed to discreetly attend the summer rally of "Manif Pour Tous" (rally for all), unfortunately her partner in this process has been recognized and they have had access to only a part of the event as any journalist. They were able to attend conferences but not workshops and when you consider what they have suffered, we dare not imagine the rest.

This is in Palavas-les-flots that activists of "Manif pour tous," an organization fighting against the marriage and adoption by same-sex couples, had made an appointment for a conference.

The program this year, "VigiGender": to oppose the teaching of gender and gender equality in schools, "Adoption in danger," ...

Emmanuelle's goal was to understand why they are so afraid of us? But how not to be afraid when you talk about "thousands of orphans", "amputated body", "decadent", "babies raised by machines", "the end of civilization", "the death of humanity" asked the journalist.

Emmanuelle reports in her article on Leplus, the activists debated the PMA and the GPA (PMA for insemination, and GPA for surrogacy, both illegal in France) discussing the need for affiliation, because for them, young people are increasingly violent and drug addict because they have no affiliation. So in fact, they oppose divorce.

Then they are very ecologist and anti-technology. They oppose pollution, smartphones, ... because they fear that all this makes men infertile and therefore this promotes the LGBT community.

They also talked about gender because in France the government first wanted a neutral gender program in elementary schools to teach children that girls and boys have their differences but they are also equally human. The program was abandoned by the former Minister of Education, but the new Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, is in favor.

For them, gender "is a militant ideology created by the LGBT from the suffering of gays and lesbians."

"Eventually, these homosexuals who speak of djeundeur (apparently, this is how they say it), they are like children who deny the reality and nature. This difference between men and women. However, express an impossible desire, and want to make it a reality, how do we call this? A child's whim! And we have to fight against!" Jean-Michel Da Pynchi, associate professor of philosophy, said.

You do not know how much I love it when anti-LGBT talk about nature. I personally love nature a lot, but really a lot. There are some species that become other species (a grub becomes a dragonfly in only one night, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly), I love snails which are hermaphrodites so male and female, I love all these gay, lesbian and bisexual pairs of animals and these two birds, I do not remember the species, but they have shown the existence of transgender and intersex animals.

Yes, they are right, do not deny the reality and nature. The true nature, the one with a diversity of gender and sex because expressing an impossible desire, and wanting to make it a reality, how do we call this? A child's whim! And we have to fight against, don't we?

Finally, as reported by Emmanuelle, the weekend ended with the intervention of Therese Hargot-Jacob, a philosopher-sexologist who attacks feminism. Yes, feminism is responsible for the plight of children. Why? Because in "separating the body from the mind, they gave their weapons to a formidable liberal logic."

"Just after mentioning a nightmarish vision of "fragmented body","bodies smashed to pieces", she calms militants' fear with sweet words. Everything will be okay. Because she has the solution: "Love," tells the journalist.

"In sex education, we hear the word freedom, but when you're a teenager, you just want to be loved, you do not care about freedom. Love is the cry of a generation, we have to make the revolution of love, to build a civilization of love," continues the sexologist. Peace!!! ...

Or not ...

"The breaking of a massive wave, the one of gender ideology, will extend over and cover the society," concluded the president of the organization Ludivine de la Rochère.

Since the launch of this movement, there has been a massive wave in France, acts of homophobia increased 78% in 2013. Now every other day, a homosexual person is physically assaulted. Thank you for creating this society for our children.