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Friday, 21 January 2011 17:02

A Gay Candidate To Replace Berlusconi

Written by 

Vendola Nichi




In Italy, that does not go extremely well for Berlusconi, he is charged on several occasions to pay women for sex and sometimes even some teenagers. One of the candidates to the replacement of Berlusconi is Nichi Vendola, a governor openly gay.

Nichi Vendola is currently the governor of Apulia. The one who is called the “white Obama" could gain elections. Even if Berlusconi thinks the opposite because the Catholic church of Italy will never want a gay man as chief, the fact is that the campaign of Vendola is for the moment a success.

And who knows? Will the Catholic church support Berlusconi who invited and paid teenagers to dance and perhaps more during his parties or will it support a gay candidate?


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