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Monday, 08 November 2010 23:12

A Gay Kiss-In To Welcome Pope Benedict XVI In Front Of The Sagrada Familia Church

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pope Kiss In


Pope Benedict XVI visited Barcelona this weekend and a gathering of LGBT kisses was waiting at the church of the Sagrada Familia Church.

Pope attacked the new law legalizing same-sex marriage and asked the Europeans to rediscover Christian teachings.

Sky NewsSky News shows that almost 200 gays and lesbians have organized their five-minute long "kiss-in" as the Popemobile drove past the crowd.

Sergi Diaz, one of protester, said: "We are here to demonstrate against the pope's visit and call for a change in the mentality of the Catholic institution which still opposes our right to different ways of loving."

Helena Coll added: "Religions speak of peace, humanity, of respect but then they they discriminate against these values."

"Homophobia. Hypocrisy. Corruption. Confessional state. Paedophilia. Vatican bank. NO THANK YOU," was written on one large white and black banner hung on the balcony of an apartment near the Sagrada Familia Church.

Photo credit: dailydawdle


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