Friday, 17 October 2014 15:53

A Kiss-In In Response To Reprimands Against A Lesbian Kiss In Brighton

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Following the reprimand of a Sainsbury's supermarket security guard in Brighton for a lesbian couple, one of which had embraced each other on the cheek, dozens of people gathered in the supermarket to organize a big kiss-in.

Last week, a lesbian student, Annabelle Paige, kissed on the cheek with her girlfriend when she was shopping in the Sainsbury's supermarket in Brighton. The security guard had approached them complaining about the kiss and inviting them to immediately stop it or leave the store.

To show their support for this couple, many people have decided to organize a huge kiss-in front and in the supermarket.

The result of the operation, the supermarket has apologized to Paige and decided to make a donation to the organization that Paige has chosen.

Photo credit: ITV news