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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 16:42

A Lesbian Pushed By Students To Quit Her Job In Belgium

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In Belgium, a complaint was filled by the director of the Girls Institute of Marie in Brussels for homophobia. The sub-director, a lesbian, was forced to quit her job after riots took place within the school asking her departure.

Everything started with a simple money stealing in the school.

Following this stealing, the students then asked their teacher of gymnastics and the sub-director to search them. After reflection and a signature by the students of a discharge indicating that they agree, the body search started. The students only wear their underwear, the sub-director checks their bags. The money is finally found in a sock.

How could this history of stealing become a homophobe act?

The students started rumors on the search telling, for example, that the sub-director pushed the girls to be naked. They even decided to be on strike.
"Tomorrow all the students of ifm do not go in class have to be on strike against lesbian (the fat sub-director) who pushed the girls to be naked!!! Share this message to all the student of ifm. IT IS NOT A JOKE TOMORROW STAY ALL IN THE COURT AND BE ON STRIKE AGAINST THIS NYMPHO WHO IS LESBIAN SHARE PLEASE!!!!"

During the strike, there were insults, doors and windows broken, the sub-director decided to quit or to take a leave-disease, I don't know yet.

Paul Straetmans, director of the school, thinks that one of the teacher would have revealed the homosexuality of the director in order to push her to quit. He filled a complaint.


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