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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 21:54

A Member Of The French Far-Right Party FN Regards The LGBT Community As "Poison"

Written by 

Aymeric Chauprade




While elections will take place in the French states, it is good to remember that the political party FN regards the LGBT community as a poison.

FN is not only a party that opposes LGBT rights, but these members are extremely homophobic and transphobic like the Europe deputy Aymeric Chauprade that, at a meeting, did not accept a report on human rights introduced by the Italian deputy Panzeri and said:

«The European Union (...) has only one ambition: to give the world lessons in morality, export all over the culture of death with the promotion of abortion, with the weakening of the natural setting of civilizations based on the natural family.

«The distribution of LGBT poison, here is the main objective of Panzeri's report. And the poison instilled by the far-left to be digested by the European Popular Party, it is diluted in the general denunciation of attacks against human rights, which target in priority, geopolitical adversaries of the United States, named Russia and China.»

The Spanish MP Elena Valenciano immediately asked that these intolerable words be removed:

«The colleague who just spoke talked about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, like a poison. If there was no error in translation, I ask that he withdraw that statement. One cannot speak of homosexuals as a poison for society. This Chamber cannot accept it.»

The Panzeri's report calls for the European Union is truly based on human rights. In particular, he echoed the anti-LGBT laws of Russia.


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