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Thursday, 02 April 2015 15:25

A Police Raid Was Conducted In Response To A Selfie Showing Two Russian Lesbians Kissing

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Milanov lesbian kiss




Do you remember the two lesbians who were left sitting in the same plane of one of the most important anti-gay leaders in Russia and who had kissed while making a selfie who went around the world? Well, it took Vitaly Milonov and an anti-gay group time to identify them before to take revenge by organizing a police raid.

Indeed, the two women are actually the owners of Infinity, a lesbian nightclub in St. Petersburg, and recently, the police raided their establishment. Supposedly that complaints have been filed, minor were seen in the establishment and drugs would also be sold.

Russian human rights lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov thinks the raid is not a coincidence and it is directly related to the selfie. What is clear when you consider that Milonov had threatened the couple in an interview with

     «This animal offended all the passengers on the plane with its extravagant, terrible, inhuman antics,» he said. «I can call the Cossacks … they're already on their way, with whips and torches. We will expel all the perverts from St. Petersburg.»

But the raid would also respond to requests from an antigay group which was furious after the release of the selfie.

There is even less doubt when you know that the antigay group asked anyone to complain citing the following reasons:

«[...] the promotional activities carried out at the lesbian club Infinity pose a serious threat to the physical and mental health of minors who manage to enter the establishment.»

The group added in a statement that it intends to take revenge: «It was precisely this nightclub's staff who staged a provocation a few days ago. Before the eyes of everyone on board a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, they demonstrated their perverse inclinations, causing a scandal on the Internet.»

In reality, this didn't cause a scandal at all but a wave of encouragement and support.

In any case, I hope this will not prevent Infinity to keep its doors open.


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