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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 15:34

A Poll Shows That The French Support Insemination But Not Surrogacy For Gay Couples

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In France, after days to talk about the equal marriage law approved one year ago, the subject then drifted on the pros and especially the cons of the surrogacy and insemination, and again, regardless of the opinions of the French.

When looking at the reports on surrogacy and insemination on TV, one could really believe that the French are opposed to these practices.

But a poll shows that the French are totally for both practices. Indeed, the poll by Ifop shows that 53% of French people are in favor of opening the insemination to lesbian couples. Note that this figure has increased by 6 points since January 2013!

55% of the French also favor the use of a surrogate mother, which is totally banned in France. But 59% oppose that it is available to gay couples. The government, through the Prime Minister Manuel Valls, has been opposed to any change in the law regarding surrogacy. Remains to be seen whether the government will agree, however, to take a step to recognize children born to foreign mothers because these children are not considered at present as French. The European Court of Human Rights has also condemned France last June because it does not recognize these children.

Finally, according to the survey, more and more people, 61%, recognized the gay and lesbian couples with children as families.


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