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Wednesday, 14 December 2011 18:51

A Quarter Of A Million People Against The Anti-Gay Law Of St Petersburg

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gay propaganda

A few weeks ago, we discovered the plan of St Petersburg: to pass a law which would ban "gay propaganda" which means no more LGBT demonstrations, events, campaigns,... could be developed.

Thanks to the pressure, the law still did not pass, the vote was due to take place on November 30th but it didn't. A Russian minister asked besides that the gay part be removed of the law which relates to "gay propaganda" but also paedophilia. AllOut, which launched the campaign, still needs you.

We already saw in the past and we continue to see it, the pressure can change the things (anti-gay Paypal accounts were closed, anti-gay iphone applications were removed, laws evolved,…).

Currently, AllOut has collected 246,404 signatures on 250,000, I invite you to sign, if it is not already done, and share the information to your friends!

This petition, in spite of the fact that it still misses some signatures, was delivered to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Baroness Catherine Asthon and to Michael Cashman and Ulrike Lunacek, Presidents of LGBT Rights Intergroup, who said that they "warmly welcome Catherine Ashton’s assurance that she will raise this issue directly with the Russian Prime Minister. The issue of equal rights for LGBT people and freedom of expression (as well as fair elections!) is very dear to all Europeans—and Russians are Europeans too."

Andre Banks, co-founder of AllOut, added: "This is a great victory: because hundreds of thousands around the world joined to raise their voice, Russian activists have been heard at the highest level of the international community. But we need to continue the fight, and stay mobilized with our friends in Russia until this homophobic bill is repealed."


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