Tuesday, 31 May 2016 21:46

A Report By Amnesty International Shows That 68% Of People In Northern Ireland Are In Favor Of Equal Marriage

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A new report published by Amnesty International reveals that 68% of people in Northern Ireland support the equal marriage.

I repeat myself a bit, but again, Northern Ireland is the latest country to have not legalized marriage equality in the UK yet after the Republic of Ireland, and more recently after the Isle of Man has approved it.

Several initiatives have already been introduced, the last was approved by the assembly, but the government vetoed it prohibiting the legalization of marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

"People are impatient for change. They have just returned a majority of pro-equal marriage politicians to the Assembly and now expect them to deliver without further delay or the misuse of petitions of concern to veto the will of the people," Amnesty International Northern Ireland director Patrick Corrigan told the Belfast Telegraph.

Remember that Ireland has approved equal marriage by referendum with 62% votes in favor of the bill. So when we see that Northern Ireland has 68% of people in favor of the law, we are impatient for sure, it really is time to make this change.