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Friday, 10 August 2018 21:32

A survey shows 40% of LGBT teachers are bullied in the UK

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A survey conducted by the Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education at Leeds Beckett University reveals that 40% of LGBT teachers have faced bullying in the United Kingdom.

650 teachers and 250 school leaders, who identify as LGBT, participated in a survey of teaching conditions. The results are rather mixed:

  • 40% of teachers indicated that their school didn't promote the inclusion of LGBT staff.

  • 40% have experienced bullying, harassment, discrimination, and prejudice in their careers.

  • 40% are not open about their sexual orientation in their school.

  • 30% reported that their experience as a teacher had a negative impact on their mental health.

Professor and the centre’s leader that conducted the survey, Jonathan Glazzard, said, “I think what concerns me is that we know that being a school leader and a teacher is very stressful anyway, and there are a whole range of issues that can result in mental health issues: workload, lack of work-life balance, and also the challenges of leadership anyway, but then this is another layer on top of that.

“If somebody is actually coping with the stresses of being a teacher or leader and yet they have got another layer to deal with on top of that, that’s really worrying.

“You don’t expect these issues to still be evident within current society.”

A few days ago, I told you the British government will start to work on 75 recommendations for the LGBT community to make sure we can live in good conditions. I hope this includes working with teachers and school leaders.


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