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Thursday, 16 June 2011 15:55

A Transgender Candidate For Presidential Elections In France

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A transgender has decided to be candidate to presidential elections in France in 2012.

Brigitte Goldberg, president of the party Avenir 2012, said she hoped to have the support of the LGBT community: "It is not a party for transsexuals. It is the first political party with a trans leader.
"We do not claim to represent the whole community of LGBT."

We have sat and watched a gradual drift to the right. A return to a moral order that is quite at odds with the views of our supporters.

We are in favour of same-sex marriage, adoption rights for gay couples and for greater legal and medical rights for individuals who identify as transgender or transsexual."

It will be certainly very hard for Avenir 2012 to obtain the 500 signatures of mayors to have the right to be a candidate to the first turn. However, she is trustful.


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