Tuesday, 20 December 2011 18:52

Act Up Launches A Campaign To Push Gay Marriage In France

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Act Up, organization which fight against AIDS and LGBT discrimination, launches a campaign to push gay marriage in France via Act Up Paris whereas the presidential elections approaches.

France always described itself like the country of the human rights but contrary to many European countries, it is late on LGBT rights.

The next year, there will be the presidential elections so Act Up decided to launch a campaign and needs you. Posters to promote gay marriage were developed, the organization now is calling for donations to develop more the advertising impact.

Their goal is to collect minimum 30,000 euros, they have already 5000 euros. Like specifying on the website of the organization:

30k€ = National press campaign. Contact more than 1,5 millions people. We broadcast your campaign (1page) in a major French daily or weekly newspaper. For example, Le Monde, Lepoint.

100k€ = National press campaign. Be heard by more than 5 million people in major French weekly and daily newspapers. For example, L'Express, Libération.

200k€ = National press campaign + urban cover. Contact more than 10 million people. Major newspapers and advertising panels in major cities.

500k€ = National press campaign + urban cover. 30 millions contacts will watch your compact. Major impact.

1000k€ = National press campaign + urban cover.+ Tv. Broadcast to 100 million contacts. Maximal impact. We broadcast your campaign on a major TV channel (TF1, France 2,…), advertising pannels and newspapers.

For more informations or make a donation (each euro is important): SoWido/ActUp Paris