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Monday, 27 June 2011 00:00

After Banning Gays And Lesbians From Balls, A School Became LGBT-Friendly

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In Liege, Belgium, a college had given instructions to organizers of a ball to refuse inscriptions by gay and lesbian couples. LGBT Associations opposed and a lot of changes were done.

Thanks to a student of the college who contacted the gay and lesbian association Arc-en-Ciel Wallonia (Wallonia Rainbow), the direction of the school had to stop its policy of discrimination.

First, officials of the school asked to the students who organized the ball to refuse gay couples. Even if it denied, the direction nevertheless said that "the presence of homosexual couples during this event could compromise its organization in the future. Some professors would not like that couples of boys or girls are present this evening and could decide not to come to the next balls."
"The aggressive behavior of two homosexuals or a kiss between a boy and a girl, it is not the same thing at all" said the director of the Saint-Louis college, Bernard Renson.

A campaign was however launched on May 17th in order to inform on discomfort that gay and lesbian students can feel at school and the Minister for teaching and equality had invited to distribute a flyers "Fear of what?" in schools to inform.
"The campaigns which are not total do not deserve to be relayed in my establishment, even if they were signed by the minister", said the director.

This discrimination was reported to the Center for Equal Opportunities and to the Minister for teaching, Marie-Dominique Simonet, who pointed out that a law doesn't allow any discrimination based on sexual orientation including in schools.
After this, the Center for Equal Opportunities met the direction of the establishment which decided then to inform on homosexuality, to allow gay and lesbian couples to attend the balls and to distribute to the students the flyers "discrimination will stop here".


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