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Thursday, 23 June 2011 16:20

An Outlist For Winchester's University

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A lecturer of the University of Winchester wishes LGBT people join on Outlist, online liste to see who is out.

Eric Anderson, professor doing searches on homophobia in sport would like that the staff and the students of the university of Winchester who are LGBT join on a list online, list which would be a tool to meet, to organize events or to have some help.

"It’s something that has been happening on American student newspapers for some time but if it goes ahead Winchester will become the first university in Britain to try it out online."

Actually, in United-States, several universities, like the university of Oregon, have an Outliste described as a "list of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to publicly acknowledge and celebrate that they are LGBTQ and/or allies of the LGBTQ community."

Professor Anderson added that "for young people growing up with social networking there’s nothing unusual in telling people you’re interested in men, women or both".

"Sexuality isn’t private anymore. Young people are growing up with the visibility of homosexuality and it’s encouraged a new level of acceptance among youth."



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