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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 23:15

Ana Brnabić became the first lesbian prime minister in Serbia

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Ana Brnabic



Last year, President Aleksandar Vučić appointed Ana Brnabić as Prime Minister of the Serbian Government.

We hope that Brnabić can improve the fight against discrimination and violence in Serbia.

"Even in some Western countries it would be big news and a positive signal if a gay or lesbian person became prime minister or minister," Goran Miletić, an organizer of Belgrade Pride, told The Guardian. "It is even more important for a country where 65 percent believe that homosexuality is an illness and 78 percent think that homosexuality should not be expressed outside homes. The appointment of a lesbian can only be a positive message."

But we can wonder about this appointment. Some believe that this appointment from President Vučić is a means of maintaining control over power while the Prime Minister has more power than the President. Note that the president has been accused of suppressing the media and overlooking corrupt actions by his allies.

Nevertheless, it is great to see a lesbian becoming the prime minister of her country after Leo Varadkar, Ireland's gay prime minister, and Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg's gay prime minister.

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