Thursday, 07 April 2011 11:22

Anti-Gay Archbishop Received Four Pies In The Face

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The archbishop Andre-Joseph is again in the news but this time it's funny because he has just been furred and four times.

The Belgian archbishop, well-known for his positions against homosexuality and abortion and which never hesitates to talk about it (see our article Oral Slippage Of Archbishop Léonard), was furred four times during a conference by the collective “Le Gloupier”.

“When he went to the catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve to a debate, Mgr Léonard was confectioner's ambushed”, said in an official statement the Belgian Noël Godiin alias Le Gloupier, in charge of a group which already furred the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, French president Nicolas Sarkozy or the billionaire Bill Gates.

“A first custard pie landed on his face when he came into the university building.”

After a little cleaning, he came into the conference room and “when he had penetrated in the place he received three new custard pies in the face”, the official statement added.

"For all the gay and lesbian people who does not dare to say it to their parents, for all the young girls who want to have an abortion, he totally deserved it”, said Belga agency, one of the four who furred him after recently rejoined the Gloupier.

Guess what? I've got the video enjoy!

The message at the end says:

Fur, Fur, the homophobes wearing a dress and the anti-abortion people who protect briskly those who grope the children!

The AIDS don't have to worry,

The condom, they, don't put it...