Thursday, 16 February 2012 18:10

French Deputy Denies Homosexuals Internment

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Still a mistake of a member of the political party UMP in France. The deputy Christian Vanneste implied homosexuals had not been send to concentration camps during the second world war. Worlds which could exclude him from the party.

On the website Libertépolitique, which is a religious site, one can watch a video of Vanneste in which he says: "There is the famous legend of the internment of homosexuals […] Obviously Himmler had an own score to settle with homosexuals. In Germany, there was a repression and the internment which led about to 30,000 internees, but there was no internment elsewhere," before to add "there were no homosexual internments in France."

UMP condemned these remarks of Christian Vanneste and a request for exclusion is in hand.