Thursday, 23 February 2012 18:29

Anti-Gay Remarks Of French Candidate Nicolas Sarkosy Worry LGBT Organizations

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Inter-LGBT worries about the remarks of the French candidate and president.


Since we know that Nicolas Sarkosy is candidate to the presidential elections again, we learnt, with no surprise, he would not be favorable to gay marriage.


The Prime Minister, Sarkosy's representative, said during a TV interview that they won't agree to pass gay marriage for the "security of the children and during a recent meeting, Sarkosy said not to want "to sacrifice our identity to a current fashion", evoking homosexuality.

Opposite political parties and LGBT organizations have immediately reacted to these remarks.

"To consider that it is a current fashion, it is to despise the citizens who want more equality," said Nicolas Gougain, spokesperson of Inter-LGBT. For him, "a society which forget thousands of gay families because of the convictions of some people, it is not a republic which protects," he added.

Emmanuel Blanc, president of Gaylib, as for him, said: "That will be with or without Nicolas Sarkozy. He chose not to do it, that will be without him, in 2012 or in 2017."