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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 17:44

Bielorussia Allowed Gay Demonstration

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Bielorussia has allowed a gay demonstration.The only problem was the weather wich was too cold.

About ten people demonstrated against homophobia in the center of Minsk.

It was perhaps the shortest one which is never existed. Ten minutes. Yes it is short but imagine, you are outside and the temperature is around -20° C.

The heads of the demonstration and coordinators of Idaho Belarusse, Serguey Praded, told GayRussia.Ru, Russian LGBT association: "It is the first time that it is not the police or the homophobes who stopped us but the cold. It is a funny feeling of freedom. For six months, we did not manage to obtain an official authorization of the demonstration: tens of requests sent each month, appointments with authorities, lawsuits in justice against the violation of the right to freedom of assembly. To tell the truth, it is a very hard work. This authorized demonstration is the consequence of this dialog. It is pleasant to know that our association has real results."

It does not matter that it has been very short, it was important. In 2010, the Gay Pride had been stopped and activists arrested.



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