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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:23

Bring Your Support To Totnes Rainbow Crossing That It Will Become The First Permanent Rainbow Crossing In Europe

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Proud2Be calls for support for the rainbow crossing in Totnes, Devon in England becomes the first permanent rainbow crossing in Europe.

So far, the rainbow crossings are only one-off and are set up to celebrate a Gay Pride or the Pride month before being deleted.

Jon Price and his brother Matt, the creators of the Proud2Be Project and Totnes rainbow crossing, would like a permanent rainbow crossing that is why they ask for your support.

«We had an extremely positive local and national press and the local LGBT community and the wider community response have also been extremely supportive and excited by the proposal,» Price said.

The City Council and the Traffic & Transport Forum has already supported the project, but more there will be people who will support the project more it has a change to success during its presentation to the Devon County Council.

If you want to support, complete the form on the website of Proud2Be here:

Photo credit : Proud2B


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