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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 17:14

Caroline Mécary Won't Be The First Lesbian Senate Of France

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caroline mecary


Caroline Mécary, lawyer well-known to defend gay rights could have been the first openly lesbian senate but Europe Ecologie-Les Verts voted for someone else.

Last Sunday, a vote has took place to choose which among the 13 candidates will represent the political party Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) during the senatorial elections in the Val-de-Marne. Unfortunately, it is Esther Benbassa and not Caroline Mécary who was selected when she was recently considered as the potential winner.

Disappointed she declared: “It is of course a disappointment for me. I think that it is also a disappointment for gays and lesbians and associations for the equality. It is really a political fault from EELV not to have chosen somebody who represents the fight for LGBT rights. More especially as the question of the marriage will make debate during the next presidential elections, and that it will be a question cleaving between the left and the right parties. It is a beautiful occasion missed making prevail a diversity which is not only a coloured diversity.”

It seems that she was not choose for bad reasons, Jean Marc Brulé, national secretary of EELV in charge of the elections claimed that “the militants said that it was too early and that it was necessary better than she makes an end of her mandate first of all”. Caroline Mécary is currently a member of the Council of the Ile-de-France state. “A false pretext” according to the lawyer.

Photo credits: Xavier Héraud


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