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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:25

Christine Boutin And Catholics Against Identity, Sexual Orientation And Gender Studies In High Schools

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Christine Boutin, a french politic woman who is a sort of Sarah Palin, and catholic associations decided to fight against the new SVT program (Science and Life of the Earth) in high schools because it seems identity and sexual orientation are part of this programm as well as gender studies.

Actually, in France, only Science-politic students are learning about the gender so it really represents a tiny part of the population.

According to Christine Boutin, the theory of gender is rather "a particularly contestable design of the human, the sexuality and the society."
She even wrote in a letter to Luc Chatel, Minister for education:
"We cannot accept school becomes a place of propaganda, where teenagers would be the hostage of minority groups' concern who want to impose a vision of 'normality' that French people do not follow".

As for the national confederation of catholic associations (CNACF) which said on its website with a petition that this is "a sort of false freedom which invites to choose its sexual orientation at an age where the structuring references miss already, particularly in the field of sexuality." And even if, apparently, books don't contain a lot of things as the subjects are not develop.

Teachers supported and expressed their support for the new program.

Snes-FSU, secondary school association, said, in an official statement, being against this "crusade against sexuality teaching in schools."

"For them, there would be one model of family: a straight couple and his/her children."

"A school is a place of socialization and transmission of scientific knowledges, sociological and philosophical, necessary for the comprehension of the society and their emancipation," it added.

The national information and sex education group (Gnies) also said "schools have the role of informing and of educating, in the respect of the sensitivities."

In schools, "teachers are confronted to the distress of young people in difficulty with their sexual orientation. To talk about this in a class is a first step towards the respect and comprehension."


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