Monday, 06 December 2010 18:06

Czech Republican Used Test On Gay Asylum Seekers

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Czech republican was condemned because it used tests to see whether the asylum-seekers were homosexuals.

According to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, people who request asylum in the Czech republican because they suffered from antigay persecutions in their countries, had to pass a test in order to see whether they are really gay.

The tests were employed to show if there were a reaction to the pornography heterosexual.

The Czech ministry of the Interior indicates that these tests are employed when “contradictions appear in the interview”.

People could refused the tests but they were too much afraid to see their request refused and to have to return in their countries, almost all decided to follow the process.
Apparently, the Czech republican is not the only country to practice tests of psychiatry, Hungary recently allowed employing them too.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights indicated that it violated the international human rights and was inadequate. Many asylum-seekers "have suffered abuse due to their sexual orientation and are thus specifically constrained by this kind of exposure”.