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Saturday, 15 January 2011 00:39

Death Threats, Antigay Letters: The Guilty Has Been Found

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In the Var, in France, death threats against a gay artist were sent. Finally, the police discovered that the autor was from a municipal official. This one was condemned.

Thursday, the municipal official of Lorgues, in the Var, Louisa Ambert, was condemned to 6 months of suspended sentence after having sent 2 letters containing death threats and insults to a gay painter: “we will break your gay mouth”, “we are not for the gay pride”, “You quickly will burst”, “You will be eliminated”.

The worst here, is that she had accompanied the artist to see the police to complaint, pretexting to have also received threats by phone. The police quickly discovered that she had never received these phone calls and was actually the autor of the threatening letters. And even if graphological analyses prove that she was the author, in front of the court, she denied to be implied.

Besides the 6 months of suspended sentence, she will have to also pay a taxe of 500 euros and 1000 euros for the damages to the victim and 250 euros for 2 other people whom she had talked about in her letters.


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